Your stock inventory app.

✔ Possibility to manage products in a team.
✔ Your own login with rights linked to it.
✔ Administrator accounts with more functionalities than a user with a basic account.
✔ Extremely suitable for companies with multiple branches.

How EWA works.

You pick up a product, which you reserve via the app.
As soon as you have actually used the product, you indicate that in the app by booking the reservation. After processing, the entire team has a live overview of the products that are still available. Products have a minimum value that must be indicated when creating a new product.

As soon as a product falls below the minimum value, the administrator is informed by means of a push message (notification) and an email. The app also supports a QR code scanner so that products can be recognized by the code. You have the possibility to link your own QR codes to products.

In the App, the administrator can create, modify and delete products. The basic user can reserve, book, cancel or change reservations. The app also keeps a history. Based on its history, EWA produces monthly and yearly reports on user and material consumption, which are sent to the designated administrator. There is also the possibility to create customized reports. Here you choose a start and end date that are used to create a report.


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