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We build scalable and smart solutions.
We are passionate about creating excellent mobile apps that create value for your business and lead to success.

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About OBSolutions

Who are we?

OBSolutions is an app development agency with a refreshing look at the market.
Our goal is to create added value for our customers. We do this by designing and developing user-friendly iPhone, iPad & Android apps for existing and new customers.

We also try to support and assist our customers as well as possible in every step of the app process.

We are always open to new ideas and your wishes are of paramount importance to us.

Do you have questions or would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact us!

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Our services

We stand for excellent service, competitive prices and fast delivery.

Develop Android & IOS app

We can quickly and effectively develop apps tailored to your needs. An app that creates added value for you and your customers.

Scan possibilities

Scan barcodes with the camera or scan QR codes in an App? That is also possible with us.

Optimize existing apps

Do you have an existing app and do you want to customize or further develop it, then you have come to the right address.

Push notifications

Make your app a dynamic marketing tool. Reach your users with our comprehensive push notification service.

Connect payment systems to the app

By linking the payment system to your app, customers can pay for themselves via the app. For example, think Ideal payments from the app.

API management

With API management we integrate interfaces with each other. For example, we have a lot of experience with integrating UPS and Postnl API's websites and webshops.

Locations based services(lbs)

Location based services offer a person, via the mobile device, information based on the location where he or she is located. Think for example of displaying restaurants in the immediate vicinity or showing advertising from local businesses.

Responsive Webdesign

We design and build user-friendly templates and websites that adapt to the screen with which your visitor views the website.

Website management

We are happy to help you manage and maintain your website, so that it stays up-to-date. We also take care of the updates.


Our portfolio


Stock inventory app

Our mobile apps

In addition to developing, maintaining and optimizing apps for our customers, we also offer our own apps for use.
We build scalable and smart solutions.
Below an overview of our mobile apps


Optimal stock management helps you gain more insight into sales and purchasing.
Benefits EWA NL:
✔ Possibility to manage products in a team.
✔ Your own login with rights linked to it.
✔ Administrator accounts with more functionalities than a user with a basic account.
✔ Extremely suitable for companies with multiple branches.


Orpheo Bijlhout

Founder & App Developer

Datacenter technician | Android en IOS Native app developer
Skills: PHP, MYSQL, JAVA en objective C.


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